Customer concept can be a sketch, blueprint or electronic data. This is used to produce the Wax Mold and any necessary fixtures.

The patterns are made by injecting molten wax into the aluminum tool using a sophisticated wax machine. The machine controls the temperature, flow rate, pressure and dwell time of the wax preset parameter devices.

The wax patterns are cleaned and inspected for visual defects, in some cases using a borescope to assure cavities are wax free.

The Patterns are “clustered together” on a base to form a “tree” or “mold”. The tree contains the desired parts, gates to the part and runners and pouring cup.

The tree is dipped in slurry, drained and then coated with sand.  Parts-casting-process-4

Parts are hung on the conveyor.

Trees are then loaded in a basket for
“dewax” (Thus ”lostShells are allowed to cool after cast wax process”) The dewax operation is accomplished in a large vessel similar to a pressure cooker.

The trees – now called “shell” – are loaded into a furnace (kiln) and fired at high temperature to cure.

The shells are preheated and molten metal is poured into them.

Shells are allowed to cool. The shell material is removed and the metal parts are evaluated after cast. Lost wax casting

The shell material is removed and the metal parts are revealed.

Calidad’s Quality Control has extensive capabilities of dimensional inspection of wax pattern and 100% layout of the casting is performed with a CMM Machine or can be performed on an open set-up using precision inspection instruments.

Parts are visually inspected, packed and shipped.

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